YouTube Channels Emotion, Content Makes It Complete, Mobile Media broadens the Audience

Old-School Marketing

I can remember back in the early 1990’s watching a TV commercial on children in foreign countries suffering from hunger and living in horrible environments compared to mine. I became emotionally attached and donated money.  I received a picture of the child I was supporting and continued sending money for months.  Six months later I found out through the news media that less than 10% of the money I was donating was actually going to the children.  I felt mislead, cheated, and preyed-upon.  Since then, I’ve been skeptical of the authenticity of these kinds of televised commercials and spans out into the social media world today.  Catherine Sherlock writes using the saying “people buy on emotion and rationalize with logic” is old-school selling.  It isn’t effective today.

Emotion + Content = Success

As humans, we’ll always have a sense of emotion when considering a purchase, participation, or engagement.  However, like me, I have a skeptical side that requires confirmation of content in my decision making.  Charity and non-profit organizations still need to do due diligence when creating content of their offering or service, but when combining good content with genuine emotional attraction, success is more probable. YouTube is a good avenue for emotional attraction so now make it available on the move.

Now Bring In Mobile Media

Ever find yourself searching the Internet, looking at Facebook, or YouTube when sitting in the waiting room of the dentist or doctor’s office?  How about at the airport or a restaurant?  I’ll be willing to bet you’re not using a public lobby desktop computer, but rather, a smart phone.  We are busy people, but well connected.  Smart phones have the ability to display pictures, news articles, and video through mobile applications using the Internet.  Mobile media just expanded your exposure with an unlimited captive audience.

Who does a good job at this?

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

While looking at videos on YouTube using my iPhone via a mobile application, I entered the search criteria “feeding the hungry” and Feed America came up as one of the options.  I watched the video about a family who fell on hard times as a result of the housing crash on 2008.  I can relate as I too was affected; but thankfully not to the same level.  Watching the video captured my attention, so I went to their website to learn more (content).  What makes the video more captivating is it isn’t a staged or paid for video add.  To me it was a testimonial of a real-life situation and how Feed America helped this family.  Feed America measures success by how many pounds of food is collected from their partners and supporters, by how many people and families they help, and how much money is donated.


Marketing and selling a service, product, or cause in today’s society requires a combination of emotion, content, and mobility.  From my perspective, Feed America utilizes these methods and outlets to communicate their mission.


6 thoughts on “YouTube Channels Emotion, Content Makes It Complete, Mobile Media broadens the Audience

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  2. I agree with everything you said- I use Youtube all the time. The use of videos certainly has been increasing for worth while causes! If you have not yet seen this video check it out – this woman is amazing and became captivated with her plight-
    It went viral and she has enough support now to carry on and give her family the help they needed!

  3. Hello Larry,
    I also remember the commercials showing families with children in foreign countries living in deplorable conditions. It does leave a negative impression when one finds out that most of the money does not get to those who need it most. It takes a lot of time and research to find those few select organizations that use most of the money to reach those affected by poverty. More people want to see where their money is being spent. YouTube is a great resource for organizations to use to give that visual representation .

    More organizations are going beyond the emotional appeal approach of aiming toward sympathy and are focusing more on testimonials of real-life situations. It takes reaching the public, but more than that, it takes striking a chord with someone to make them want to take a stand and make a difference. To me, this is a subtle form of persuasion because the organization is showing the need for their product or service, using impacts on real people to drive its point of their mission, but they are not actively “pushing” or “selling.”


  4. I liked everything you said and agree completely! Youtube is a great source for find videos about practically anything. I especially agree with what you said about those ads for the less fortunate. Its hard to believe that organizations supporting such important topics like hungry kids in a foreign country will not give the money to them, so I find it hard to be able to send money if I’m not sure its going to get to them. The ads that aren’t staged and just real people talking about what happened to them and how they were affected is significantly more believable to me at least. Good Post!

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