Good Blogging Practices

Blogging is relatively new to me but over the past couple months I’ve learned a few best practices that help with personal brand and relevant authenticity.


Microbloggging, a smaller version of blogging are short blogs posts, i.e., text messages, instant messages (IM), status updates on Facebook and Google+, but the most popular is Twitter.  When using Twitter, be genuine, honest, and let people see your personality.  Routinely compliment and support other people.  For example, if I wanted my personality brand to be a dog lover, which I am, but that’s not all I’m about, I would microblog a post on Twitter about my dog or a funny video link of a dog doing something funny.  I would also comment or retweet (RT) what other dog lovers post.  These two and more best practices can be found in the Tao of Twitter by MarkSchaefer.         


Blogging is the same as microblogging but a longer version.  One popular blogging outlet is WordPress; the very forum I’m writing this blog.  According to jjames, a couple best practices for blogging are to be succinct and concentrate on personal branding. Blogs should be written with few words.  If many are like me, I tend to avoid what I long-winded blogs of three or more pages.  I like to get right to the content and quickly absorb good information.  Avoid run-on sentences and or long paragraphs.  Personal branding, I think, is most important.  What do you want people to envision your brand personality to be?  This will affect who follows you and your personal goal for having a Twitter account.  If for a business, you don’t want the impression of a party animal associated to your business brand.  If your goal is to gain followers with business knowledge, blogs about what you do every minute of the day will not attract high-level business followers.   In addition to the content blogged about, carefully design the blog site, logo, and possibly a favicon.  Make sure your writing style is consistent and truly represents your personality.  Don’t try to be someone you’re not.  People will sniff that out very quickly. 

Hopefully, the best practices in this blog help new bloggers. 


5 thoughts on “Good Blogging Practices

  1. I enjoyed your blog- I too like the aspect of letting your personality show on Twitter! I am very selective on what I retweet though. The use of the micro blog is something I had really yet considered so thank you for that hint!!!! I like to use ‘Nerd Speak’ in my tweets because I am foody, gamer, nerd so for me I love all things odd and techy and like to show that in my tweets and those that I follow.

    • Thank you for the comment. I too can tell if someone is real or not. Ever get a request from a follower and their next tweet is selling followers? I immediately un-follow.

  2. Great post and very informative. I definitely will take this particular comment to heart: Blogs should be written with few words. If many are like me, I tend to avoid what I long-winded blogs of three or more pages. I like to get right to the content and quickly absorb good information.

  3. Hey Larry,

    You picked up on personality branding and I just wanted to second the motion. Coming across genuinely will attract like minded people and hopefully in the end you get to compile a strong, reliable, and informed list of followers. This style (being genuine) of engaging with other via social media makes it easier to find people to follow too.

  4. Hello Larry,
    I liked your tips for best practices in writing blogs. One would want their personality to reflect in their writings. Also, blogs should be tailored for specific audiences as you mentioned. Personal branding is key to success when it comes to social media. It’s important to be yourself and not try to be something that you’re not. Sincerity and trust go a long way in blogs and in building relationships. Great post! Alysia

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